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Sola Sky Tunnel Installers Essex

Sola Sky Tunnel Installation 

In line with our environmental principals we now provide a Sola Sky Tunnel to bring free and natural sunlight into the dark spaces in your home. Natural light is of prime importance to health both in the home and the workplace and will reduce the need for artificial lighting, saving money and reducing the carbon footprint of your home. Sky tunnels are carbon neutral, cost nothing to run and are an affordable alternative to electric lighting. 
Whatever your lighting problems Eastern Counties Home Improvements will have a solution. 
There are many benefits of having natural light. Whatever lighting requirements, the Skylights will be able to suit your needs. The Skylights are low cost and carry on saving you money on your electric bills. The entire product range are designed to be environmentally friendly. As they all rely on natural light coming in from the sun they do not have any carbon footprint. 
Sky Tunnel Flexi-Tube

Sky Tunnel Flexi-Tube Installation 

The Sky Tunnel Flexi-Tube effectively channels daylight into internal areas such as domestic internal landings, bathrooms, hallways and walk in wardrobes. The flexibility of the tube allows natural light to reach these areas where the rigid system proves difficult to install. The Flexi-Tube is constructed from four layers of highly reflective metallised polyester membrane woven on a wire spring skeleton. This makes the tube very flexible but also incredibly tough and easy to install. 
Sky Tunnel Rigid Tube

Sky Tunnel Rigid Tube Installation 

Utilising a hard wearing mirror finish polished aluminium tube with 98% reflectance makes it the highest reflective material available on the market. It is suitable for large areas where high volume of light is required, especially those with high ceilings. Most commonly used in schools, offices, supermarkets, leisure centres etc. 
There are no hidden extras or reordering, Sky Tunnels overcomes the limitations of other skylights. No need for time consuming framing, dry lining, skimming or painting, everything will be included for a successful installation, right first time. 
Light Intensity

Light Intensity 

Tests that have been carried out in the UK prove that anything up to twelve times the equivalent of a 100 watt light bulb can be achieved with 3 metres of Flexi-Tube run on the 550mm diameter unit. As with all natural light providers, this does depends on the exposure to the available daylight also the length of the Flexi-Tube, time of day, time of year etc. The larger the diameter Sky Tunnel installed the more volume of light will be transmitted. 
The location of the roof dome should be Directly above or as near as possible to the ceiling diffuser. This roof dome assembly should be installed as near as possible to the ridge. Other factors such as the position the roof dome will be position i.e. south facing, and the length of the tube should be considered. 
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